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   Brown Recluse Spider Bite TreatmentBrown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment
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Brown Recluse :: Spider Bite Treatment


Brown Recluse Spider Pictures

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Pictures

Brown Recluse Bite Pictures


Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

brown recluse spider bite  treatment

How it works:
This balm consists of special Native American Magnetic Healing Earth that helps bind and inactivate the poison, Essential Oils and Bee Propolis. It is naturally anti-microbial and skin regenerating. Great for burns and lesions, but specifically directed at Brown Recluse Spider Bites, ESPECIALLY the lesions that don't heal.
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Directions for use
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Designed to help neutralize venom, heal lesions and regenerate skin

Anti-venom Healing Balm | Healing Oil Concentrate | Combo Pack (save $10)

Anti-Venom Healing Balm
brown recluse spider bite  treatment
Triple Skin Healing Oil

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Ascended Health's Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment is a powerful 1-2 punch of special natural magnetic minerals and oils designed to inactivate poisons, fight infection and regenerate the dead necrotic skin tissue.

Anti-Venom Healing Balm - $24.95 (50 ml)
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We have found that this balm really works, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. People that try this on their spider bites and burns feel immediate relief. In our opinion, this is one of the few effective remedies that can actually help your body heal injuries caused by the Brown Recluse Spider.

Ancient Meteorite Earth:
This balm is made from magnetic, high-energy earth found in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas, near Mt. Shasta. It is harvested by hand by Native American healers. This area, similar in energetic vortices to Sedona, AZ, is thought to be the site of an ancient Meteor bed. It is a rich loamy earth, high in trace monatomic elements and natural minerals that bind to poisons. Native Americans in the area have used this earth for years to heal wounds, poisons and detoxify. We then blend in bee's wax, bee propolis, and a proprietary blend of wildcrafted organic essential oils. Together, they make a one of a kind, high energy "living earth" with enzymes, oils and minerals. You must really try this to believe it.

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Triple Skin Healing Oil Concentrate - $39.95 (5 ml)
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Because the nature of the Brown Recluse Spider bite injury varies in severity from person to person, we offer the pure, highly concentrated essential oil mixture that is blended into the Balm by itself. This oil is quite strong and heals skin 3 ways: by inhibiting microbial growth, relieving pain and regenerating skin and blood vessels.

This oil blend is very special and quite labour intensive to make. The essential oils in it are by themselves quite expensive (see ingredients below), but like wine, we "age" and further distill the oil in our own proprietary hyperbaric oxygen chamber and resonant frequency generator for at least one month.

Normally, 30 ml of essential oil mixture (already concentrated) is further concentrated to 5 ml. What is left is a thick, amber oozey concentrate of oils vibrating in harmony. This is done to molecularly enhance and add ordered structure to the organic matrix to allow for the deep penetration of the oils beyond the basal epidermal layer of the skin.

Combined with bound oxygen and vibratory healing frequencies, this now becomes a potent ally beneficial to the injured cells, allowing them to stop succumbing to the venom, reverse itself and start healing, in our opinion.

While the Balm by itself is designed to be effective against the Brown Recluse Spider Bite, the Healing Oil will speed things up. Many of our clients prefer to have both. When the Pure Healing Oil and the Balm are used together, we are getting reports from amazed clients of wounds stopping their necrosis and spread within 5 hrs, and the shrinkage of the lesion by more than 50% after just 5 days.

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Healing Frequency Resonation:
Both the Balm and Oils have been imprinted with the healing frequencies of 7.83, 728, 880 and 30,008 Hz using a modified Lakhovsky/Tesla multi-wave generator embedded with oscillators made from large double-tipped lemurian crystal mined from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The significance of these frequencies is the entire basis of our work. We believe that embedding our oils with healing vibrations, incantations and conscious thought will bathe your injured cells with the energy they need to start healing correctly. Just as plants have been proven to grow much better in the presence of classical music (audio frequencies), so too will your cells benefit from similar treatment.

It has been proven that diseased cells vibrate at a frequency different from healthy cells. When these cells are bathed in the healthy vibrational frequency, they turn healthy. Our thoughts and prayers are nothing but vibratory energy. That is why we believe in the power of prayer and incantations. There literally is a LOT of energy that goes into our products. Good energy, and we feel that it transfers to your cells in a remarkably beneficial way. We believe that you will notice the difference immediately.

Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center has been working with his patients for several years using quartz crystal bowls to help them in their healing process.

In his book, Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music, published in 1999, he writes:

“My patients' as well as my own experiences with quartz crystal bowls strongly support the hypothesis that the overtones they produce have resonant and healing properties unlike anything we have encountered. The bowls emit tones that resonate with the human voice. The sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony."

Part of the process we use to instill frequencies is through Tibetan Healing Bowls.

Don't believe the web sites that say there isn't an effective treatment! If you are a licensed medical practitioner and wish to conduct clinical trials, please contact us for our product. We are experienced molecular biologists trained in the scientific method from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Michigan State University, Dept. of Microbiology

Satisfaction Guaranteed
While we cannot make any medical claims for this product to treat, cure or prevent disease, we are so confident that you will love our product that we offer a guarantee of satisfaction for one full year after purchase.


Product | Anti-venom Healing Balm  

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

50 ml Jar = $24.95

Description: This is our wonderful Brown Recluse Spider Bite remedy, made from high energyAncient Meteorite Earth. Our testimonals are very positive about this. Try this on your bite - if you are not satisfied in any way, return it for a refund. Based on results from the people who have used this, we believe it will help you stop the necrosis and start healing.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of natural wild-crafted essential oils of comfrey, clove, olive, vitamin E and organic tree nut oils. In a base of beeswax, propolis and Sierra Nevada magnetic meteorite earth minerals.

NOTE: If you have an allergic reaction to peanuts, you may have sensitivity to this balm. PLEASE TEST FIRST ON A SMALL SPOT FOR 24hs. If you order this and are unsatisfied, please return for your money back.

Infused Resonant Healing Frequencies:
7.83 Hz Shumann Earth resonance (1 week)
880 Hz Universal Rife (3 weeks)
30,008 Hz (continuous until shipped)

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USPS 2-day Priority Mail ($29.95 total)
USPS Next Day Air Shipping ($44.95 total)

Product | Triple Skin Healing Oil Concentrate  

5 ml Dropper Bottle = $39.95

Description: This is the pure, highly concentrated form of the oils that are in our balm. It takes 30 ml of total essential oils to make a thick, 5 ml concentrate. If your lesion is severe or you do not wish to wait 3-6 months to heal, we suggest that this is a good investment. Our testimonials are seeing results in 5 days with full healing in 3-4 weeks. In general, this is a topical application on skin for burns, cuts, acne and ulcerative lesions. The proprietary blend of natural, wildcrafted essential oils and minerals is designed to heal skin 3 ways:

Infection - anti-bacterial, -viral, -fungal properties. Includes oxygenated particulates.
Pain - analgesic properties minimizes pain of your bite
Skin Regeneration - faciliates skin and circulatory regrowth with minimal scarring.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of wild-crafted essential oils of calendula, arnica, comfrey, rose otto, melissa, clove, oregano, frankincense, vitamin E, birch bark, polynesian tree nut oils, unfiltered, organic, first press Mt. Shasta Olive Oil.

NOTE: If you have an allergic reaction to peanuts, you may have sensitivity to this oil. PLEASE TEST FIRST ON A SMALL SPOT FOR 24hs. If you order this and are unsatisfied, please return for your money back.

Infused Resonant Healing Frequencies:
7.83 Hz Shumann Earth resonance (1 week)
728 Hz Universal Rife (3 weeks)

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USPS 2-day Priority Mail ($44.95 total)
USPS Express Mail ($59.95 total)

Combo | Anti-venom Healing Balm & Triple Skin Healing Oil  
Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

50 ml Jar + 5 ml Bottle = $64.90 $54.90

Order both and recieve $10 off. This is our most popular order and effective treatment! If you really want to be sure to get the most effective healing, get this and save now.

Most repeat orders get the Oil anyways, so you save in shipping and more. Most people are healed within 2 orders and some people order extra as part of their first aid kit.

Many treatment regimens are allowing for 3-6 months of treatment before pain subsides and substantial healing is reached. With this combo package, clients are seeing measureable results in 5-6 days. This means that the lesion has stopped growing, stopped necrosing and has started to contract and close up. Our clients are very satisfied with this particular combination. We call it the 1-2 punch.

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USPS 2-day Priority Mail ($59.90 total)
USPS Express Mail ($74.90 total)
Product | Neo Electical Pulser  

Spider Bite Pulser

Neo Electrical Pulser = $149.95 $129.95
- includes a $15 Velcro Knee Strap.

Description: This is most effective way, in our experience, to completely get rid of the venom's effects in your body. This is a similar method of "STUN GUN" Therapy or using electrical car batteries to shock yourself - but in this case, this device is not dangerous.

As a special offer, receive this at $20 off normal price, which would be the retail price of the unit ($135) plus a velcro knee strap ($15). This unit compares to similar units that sell for over $500-$2500 under Electrical Stimulation devices. We have tried many, but THIS WORKS THE BEST. We do not make this, but resell it.

This little device is about the size of a cigarette box and is designed to be strapped onto the outside of your leg, just below the knee. This is a sacred chakra-like point that denotes longevity.

It sends micro-pulses of "neo" electrical energy throughout your body through 2 cooper pennies on the surface. What do we mean by "neo"? Well, this is a new kind of energy, one that is a combination of traditional electrical pulses from a 9V battery but filtered through a built-in orgone generator, powerful rare earth magnet and special healing crystals (amythyst, others) embedded in the device. The result is a small pulse you can barely feel. Most people like the pulse - our testimonials come back that it gives people energy throughout the day.

We at Ascended Health use it everyday to combat the effects of parasites and viruses. Whenever we feel a cold coming on, we strap our neo pulser to our bodies and the cold goes away. It is better than taking vitamin C. We have spot testimonials of people getting rid of Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes Virus and yes, even HIV. We wear this hours at a time (3-8 hours) for a continuous duration of at least 3-5 days. People with ongoing, deep seated conditions say it takes about 3-5 months of continual use to get rid of your bodies unwanted parasites or viruses.

The ONLY thing you need to watch out for is that the copper pennies can discolor the skin if left on a particular spot for too long. It may even become irritated. You MUST move the postion of the pennies every few hours to prevent this. We just move it to the other leg.

Feel free to call us to find out more. This device is not FDA Approved and we are not saying that this device is intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease whatsoever. Take this information at face value and experience the device for yourself.

This device does not come with a strap.

NOTE: Because you are placing this against your skin, you are literally wearing it. Therefore we cannot guarantee our money-back policy for this device. We believe in this device and swear by it, but for hygienic reasons, we cannot take it back. Thank you.

USPS 2-day Priority Mail ($139.95 total)
USPS Express Mail ($149.95 total)


Combo | Anti-venom Healing Balm +Triple Skin Healing Oil + Neo Pulser  
Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

Spider Bite Pulser

Total = $214.85 $184.85

Order three and recieve $30 off. This is our most COMPREHENSIVE order and treatment! If you really want to be sure to get the most effective healing, get this and save now.

This will help you get rid of the worries with recurrent infections.

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USPS 2-day Priority Mail ($228 total)
USPS Express Mail ($209.85 total)


Directions for use

This balm is to be applied as needed on your lesion and covered with sterile gauze. Clean and re-apply at least twice a day. After the skin is healed, keep applying once a day to start the reverse scarring process.

NOTE: Keep this balm in a cool, dark place, like your refrigerator. Do not freeze. It contains live enzymes found in the mineralized earth and bee propolis. It literally is a living balm. We like to think of this like wine. You will note that there may be gas created when you first open the jar!


Satisfaction Guarantee & Disclaimer

Due to FDA Regulations, we must inform you that this product has no medical claims associated with it. We do not claim it to cure or prevent any disease. However, in our opinion and in our experience, it has been shown to be extremely effective in spider/animal bites, poison rashes, necrotic skin lesions, cuts and burns.

We are are hard working honest folks here at Ascended Health and are not in the business of taking your hard-earned money. Our aim is to help you. We truly believe in this product and back it 100%. If you feel that this product does not meet your expectations in any way, please return any un sued portion within one year of purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you pay for shipping the item.

These ingredients are quite expensive, as is our revolutionary frequency imprint processing. In truth, this product is worth three times the price - at the level of the systemic antibiotics you will need to pay for if you don't use this product. We feel that this injury is particularly debilitating and just want to start offering our product at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, if you use this product and feel that you need to tell people about it, please email us. We will happily tell your story on this web page.

The products and/or statements on this web site are not intended to replace the advice or recommendation of a physician or medical professional. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Similar symptoms can occur in diseases such as:

Lyme Disease
necrotizing fasciitis
Pyoderma Gangrenosum
side effects from drugs
Diabetic or venous stasis ulcers
Ecthyma gangrenosum
Cutaneous/focal vasculitis
Herpes simplex
Polyarteritis nodosa
Chagas' disease
Lymphomatoid papulosis
Anthrax and Necrotizing fasciitis.

Doctors are reported to also have mistaken Brown Recluse spider bites for other diseases. These are some of the reasons we cannot offer any medical guarantees as to the effectiveness of this treatment or make any claim that our product is a "cure" for Brown Recluse Spider bites (or any disease). However, we do offer a one year money back guarantee on the product.


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